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What is a Werbefranken?

A Werbefranken is a franc spent on marketing your business

What is the value of a Werbefranken?

The value of a Werbefranken to your business depends on how it is invested

What could you invest your Werbefranken in?

There are countless options including…

  • Print media
  • TV
  • Online

What should you do with your Werbefranken?

Like everyone else, you want to maximise its value to your business, but with so many options available, where do you start?

iEmbassy – your trusted online representative

Our approach is based on a system developed by a 144 year old gentleman called Elias St. Elmo Lewis ☺ AIDA (Attention – Interest – Decision – Action) describes the events that occur when a consumer engages with an advertisement. To succeed and grow their businesses SMEs unite with iEmbassy to trigger all 4.

Stand out from the crowd

The key to success is collaboration and each entity has a specific role to play. At iEmbassy we focus on helping SMEs to trigger the first two events in their potential customers…

Attention – We need to capture the attention of people online who are interested in your business

Interest – We need to provoke a reaction in these people so that they visit your business online

But iEmbassy alone cannot guarantee a small business’s success; a small business must fulfil its responsibilities in the partnership to achieve success overall.

How does your offering compare?

Each of the 4 events has to occur for an enterprise to achieve its potential and so with A and I in iEmbassy’s hands, a small business must focus on triggering the following in its potential customers…

Desire – Is your product attractive?

Action – Is your product competitive in your market?

Together, we can execute this time-tested system for the benefit of you and your customers.

About us and our mission

Your representative in the online world

At iEmbassy our iDiplomats are dedicated to representing our SME partners with care and professionalism in the online world, to protecting their interests and people and to spreading their messages to the right people at the right time.

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